Editing this wiki

Uploading media, images

By default, a user is in the @user group, which means that a user has the permission to “create” pages.

Editing wiki pages

Dokuwiki works in a similar fashion to Mediawiki in that you have to upload media/images via an interface and then use that in your wiki page.
To edit a wiki page, you should see a Pencil icon on the right along with a row of other icons. The tooltip when you hover over the pencil icon is 'Edit this page'. When you are in the edit window, you should see the normal wiki edit stuff with a text entry field and a row of buttons on the top. Here things are a little different and you have two options

1. dokuwiki uses a slightly different syntax than Mediawiki. There is a link for the syntax guide which you may consult http://xsce.org/wiki/syntax
2. I just added CKEditor, which is a wysiwyg rich text editor, so you dont have to play around with syntax. To enable it, click the the “CKG Edit” button next to the green “Save” button and you should be all set.

Creating user accounts

I have replaced the the default captcha, which is as you say quite ugly with the hopefully much nicer recaptcha. Registering/logging in etc. should be much less of a pain now. Adding the captcha was necessary as we have had a break in in the past when the wiki was filled up with all kinds of crap with randomly created users.

Adding yourself to the deployment map

There should be a link “Add your deployment to the map” on the map itself (bottom right corner). The link is also reproduced below:
Note: This is hosted on umap and not the wiki, so you do not need a wiki account to add yourself to the map.
Please go ahead and add yourself!! If you would like your deployment pictures to be shared on the xsce.org frontpage, please let me know - I would be happy to add one (or if someone wants to become the wiki admin, I would be happy to do that too).

Creating wiki pages

The entire dokuwiki website is a wiki! (yes!, including the blog, wiki and frontpage sections). However, as a user you only have edit priviliges to everything under wiki/* and blog/*.
Dokuwiki is organized in namespaces. Think of it as a logical folder structure. When you click the wiki link on the top bar, you are in the wiki namespace, the page url reads like /wiki/start (where 'start' is the default namespace page).
If you would like to create a page in a namespace; let us say we want to create a page in the deployments namespace - just type what the url would be: eg: http://xsce.org/wiki/deployments/start. You will see a “this page does not exist” message. On the right, you will see the pencil icon of “edit this page” to bring it into existence :-)


As a user, I encourage everyone to blog :-) .
When you click the “Blog” link, you will see a page with blog entries. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see a text entry field for “New Blog entry” and a “Create this page” button. Just type a blog entry title in the text entry field and click the button, and you are on your way to writing a blog. Simple! (You can always change the title of the blog entry later if you want). This is a wiki - remember :)

Hope these instructions are useful. If you still get stuck, then please ask on @xsce-devel or @server-devel mailing lists. I should also put all this in the wiki. Till now we have been using the wiki on schoolserver.org and this hasn't received much love, but if the larger community wants to move to xsce.org I will try my best to make this experience as nice as possible.