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Schoolserver is an open-education project inspired by One Laptop Per Child to provide breakthrough digital learning tools to the world’s poorest children.

Schoolserver is available in many flavours from cloud images to solar powered appliances. Find out what is the best fit for you.


Resources like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMaps, TED talks, project Gutenberg books and many more made available offline depending on your needs. Tools that empower learners to create, remix and share resources and knowledge.

Your internet in a Box!



Network configuration can be a big challenge in remote regions. Schoolserver provides automatic network setup, supports 3G modems and even wireless self configuring mesh networks.

No sysadmins were harmed in the making of this product



Software to manage school operations and visualize detailed analytics on student performance. A host of technical tools to monitor, debug and fix problems with your digital infrastructure.

Easier management, Visible outcomes!



The ultimate aim of Schoolserver is to fit your needs. Being GNU/Linux based, it runs on a variety of hardware backed by an active community. Most apps and tools have levers to allow easy installation and configuration through a web-browser.

Make it so!


XSCE Worldwide deployment map

Whether your project is in a remote village without electricity or a large city; or whether you want to deploy in a single classroom or a large set of schools, we have a schoolserver setup that will fit and evolve with your requirements.

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Quickly test and deploy XSCE cloud images on servers.


Install pre-built images on your favourite hardware.


It’s all free and open source. Get dirty with the code.

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Confused? Find out the Schoolserver setup that fits your needs.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

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This project is maintained by an active global community of volunteers looking to revolutionize and democratize education through the disruptive use of technology and grassroots movements.

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